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Selection of the candidates as per the project requirement. It can be done either by the client himself over the Skype or IMO, direct client interview by visiting the trade test centers or the interview location. Self-Selection.
After final selection, the candidates are sent directly for medical check-up at the GAMCA medical centers for the respective embassies of the country of employment.
Once the candidates are medically fit, they are given proper training and introduction about their respective trades and the gulf life and culture.
The passports are submitted in the embassies of the respective countries for stamping of the work and visit visa’s obtained by the employees.
The emigration clearance is obtained from the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs.
The tickets can be booked either by the employer or the recruitment firm depending upon the agreed terms and conditions which facilitates the traveling schedule. After emigration clearance, the candidates are ready to board the flight on the scheduled dates.


Our expertise helps the candidates to build and improve the resume or CV as the candidates mostly lack the idea and knowledge of framing a well-constructed job profile as per their achievements and qualifications at a very nominal cost.