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Al-Jaza Group الجزا

Approved by the Government Of India


Operation and maintenance

Being one of the core sectors in any economy. We the people at Al-Jaza have delivered candidates to our esteemed clients timely and in effective manner from countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Engineering Construction

We have worked with steemed clients in the engineering construction sectors across the Middle East and we have provided them with quality services as per their project requirements.

Bin Jarallah Holding


Being the backbone of any economy the retail sector, Al-Jaza has gained enough expertise in providing our clients with blue collar to white collar candidates from the sub-continent. We know the value of customer service hence our team provides training to the candidates before their departure.


Having our own brand in India “The Sugar Rack” we understand the minor to major aspects in the hospitality industry. Al-Jaza has received appreciation from 5 stars to small cafes across the gulf countries.

Mega Recruitment

Al Jaza has been working with the mega recruitment which aim to attract and sponsor human cadres by utilizing the work visas provided by the ministry of labor sponsor workers from various professions from different countries. NATREC, SMASCO, MAHARAH HUMAN RESOURCE, MUEEN recruitment company , TTCO team time company