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Who We Are

Al-Jaza is a well established Human Capital Management and solutions company that provides manpower services for organisations across the globe. We offer recruitment’s and placements for companies seeking passionate individuals and professionals.

These services are provided by our company’s dedication to serve the best to our clients with efficiency.

We aim to reduce the time for selecting candidates for recruitment, improve the whole process of recruitment and placement and also filter the candidates and select the best for the required designation.


"Loyalty is at the heart of what makes firm works.”


Taking inspiration from this very famous quote we cater our clients with loyalty and honesty for we believe that loyalty towards the clients is what makes a firm stand out. We provide corporate sectors with quality staffing and good candidates. Our loyalty, experience, and expertise in providing our clients with the best candidates have made us gain an efficient name in the market.


Syed Noorullah Kamal

(Overseas Director)

Having gained specialized knowledge of the market place of the Gulf Countries, we possess a strong understanding of what constitutes good talent and have consistently delivered excellent services with an air of professionalism and dedication.

We at Al Jaza, seek out those candidates for our clients who have the potential to become an asset in the growth of an organization and also those who can laboriously work for the betterment of an organisation.

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